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All Pro auto repair provides brake system repair and service to the Pueblo Colorado and Pueblo West area, call or email me to schedule an appointment..

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Yes, we turn rotors and drums
**Yes, we machine (Resurface or turn) brake drums and rotors.
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Brake rotor and caliper

Pueblo Colorado brake system service and repair

Your brakes are the most important part of your car. It doesn't matter if your car starts, runs or drives, if you can't stop. Brake repair service should be at the top of the list when it comes to any maintenance plan you may have. There are many warning signs that indicate a brake failure may be headed your way. If your brakes feel spongy, soft, too low, too hard or if there are unusual noises coming from the area of your wheels whether it's when the brakes are applied or not, they should be immediately inspected.
Warning lights on the instrument panel are another indication something is wrong and they should not be ignored. It might be a simple electrical glitch, but it could be something more seriously wrong with your brake system, especially if your vehicle is equipped with ABS anti-lock brakes or electronic traction controls. I can diagnose these faulty conditions, read most ABS codes and provide you with a repair option that will return your vehicle to service safely. Brake services I can provide include turning drums and rotors, installing new brake pads or shoes, brake electronics diagnosis and replacement as well as replacement of any faulty hydraulic components like master cylinders, calipers and wheel cylinders.
Regardless of whether you've got a metal on metal condition or are only interested in new linings as a maintenance precaution, I can help. My first priority is always the safety of you and your passengers. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be accurately diagnosed and properly repaired by a professional with over 19 years experience on a wide variety of manufacturers brake systems. And, the majority of brake linings we install carry a lifetime parts warranty. If you have concerns about your brake system, don't hesitate, contact myself or even another repair facility immediately. Your safety needs to come first.
Brake master cylinder
Automotive pedals
I also install custom and performance brake components like billet pedals, oversize rotors and calipers and specialized hydraulics.