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Internal engine view

Automotive non-destructive camera inspection services and imaging

All Pro auto repair of Pueblo offers a non-destructive option for diagnosis and troubleshooting automotive failures, in some cases. A borescope, or inspection camera, is a device used to find failures in areas you can't otherwise see without disassembling or removing components like engines, differentials and catalytic convertors. WIth a tiny camera on the end of a flexible shaft, I can see inside many assemblies to determine if there is damage and to often positively identify both the cause of a failure and the exact repair that will be necessary. In many cases this can be done with minimal or no removal of parts.

This benefits you, the customer, because you can then make an informed decision as to whether or not it makes sense to move forward with auto repairs, without the need to pay for the time normally necessary to dismantle an assembly like an engine or cylinder head, just to find out what's wrong. This method of diagnosis isn't always an option, and even when it is, further steps may be necessary. However, in those cases where a definite diagnosis can be obtained by the use of the inspection camera, many steps can be avoided which saves you money and time.

Use of a borescope can be useful in finding automotive failures such as pitted or cracked valve seats or burned valves, as shown in the images to the right. It can also be used to find plugged or gummed up intake plenums and manifolds, damaged gears and metal shavings in differentials, plugged catalytic convertors and leaks in areas that are impossible to see into otherwise. The intake plenum shown below was found to be plugged using an inspection camera which saved the customer from rebuilding an engine after another shop told them the engine needed an overhaul. What it actually had was no air flow to the engine.

This diagnostic service option is not free, but in cases it can be effectively used, it is drastically less expensive than many other diagnostic options. Let's say your timing belt breaks and the engine freewheels. Now you need to know if damage to the pistons or valves has occured so you can make a determination as to whether or not you wish to pursue the repair of your vehicle or if the cost of repairing or replacing the necessary engine components will exceed your means. In most these cases I can give you a highly informed opinion before you make that decision rather than having to tear your engine apart first and leaving you with a box of parts and a bill when you decide the cost is too high. There is a minimum one hour fee for this service which is very reasonable compared to the costs associated with hours of tear down normally required by a mechanic to find the failure. If you need a camera inspection performed on your vehicle, contact me and arrange an appointment.
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