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Automotive climate control systems

Let's face it, vehicle owners are unhappy when their climate controls are not properly functioning. If it's hot out, we want our A/C. And when the temperatures dip, we demand heat! The fact is many car owners will ignore a noisy fan belt or cv shaft for months or years, but the minute they lose the ability to control the cabin climate they want it fixed! Often times this is far more involved than any simple remedy or quick fix can provide. Often you need a professional to diagnose the problem.
Modern automotive climate control systems can be very difficult to diagnose and repair due in part to the sophistication of these systems. Multiple sensors, pc circuit boards and control modules combined with the added complication that many of these components are buried deep in the dash or hidden among the many components of the engine electrical system can make it nearly impossible for the home mechanic or DIY'er to diagnose or repair. But never fear, armed with the proper repair information, years of experience and the right tools, I can have you in control of your atmosphere again in no time.
I realize your comfort is paramount and I will help you to regain control of it as quickly as possible. There are many components that can cause a failure, such as cabin temperature sensors, the control panel itself, your vehicles heater core or thermostat, or even the air conditioning compressor or a related component. Regardless of what is causing the lack of cold or heat I can precisely diagnose and repair nearly all import and domestic automotive climate system malfunctions.
Southern Colorado is known for having radical temperature swings in a short amount of time, and Pueblo Colorado is no exception, so having a functional heating and AC system is almost a necessity. If you are having unknown issues with your vehicles climate controls or are in need of having a component replaced that you already know has failed, please don't hesitate to contact me and arrange an appointment so we can get your comfort level back to where it belongs. After all, you and your family should not have to endure extreme temperatures unnecessarily.
In some cases I may be able to find you a good used part if needed, as occasionally new climate control components are either not available or are astronomical in price. There may be an additional fee for this to cover the time needed to locate and extract the part, the result still being a savings for you. In some instances, this option may not be possible. Each job is different and will be treated accordingly but you can feel confident in knowing I'll make every effort to do whatever it takes to complete your repair at the best possible price.
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