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If you own a vehicle with a standard transmission, you will eventually be faced with a clutch failure. Your clutch is built to withstand tremendous heat and pressure, but it will eventually fail. In some cases it may fail prematurely due to oil contamination which usually is a result of the engine's rear main seal leaking into the transmission bell housing.
While it's true that standard transmissions generally last longer than automatic transmissions, component wear and failure in the clutch system is it's weakness. You may experience slippage of the clutch disc, loss of the ability to shift between gears or you may find the vehicle tries to move even when the clutch pedal is depressed. Sometimes the problem is resolved with a simple adjustment, but in many cases partial or complete clutch replacement including the clutch disc, pressure plate and release bearing are necessary. Hydraulic components like the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder are common failures as well.
(Heavy duty and performance clutch units like the ones pictured are often a good investment due to their durability and use of higher quality materials!)
There are many options when replacing the clutch in your vehicle and I'll discuss these with you, such as replacement of the rear main oil seal. Even though it may not be leaking at the time, it will be eventually and it just makes sense to replace it while it's easily accessed rather than having to pay again to remove the engine or transmission later.
I've been an automotive mechanic in Pueblo Colorado for over 20 years, so I've been exposed to nearly every kind of clutch failure, and if clutch replacement is necessary I can make solid recommendations regarding some of the other options available to you. Replacement of the clutch disk, pressure plate and release bearing as a unit are always recommended as well as resurfacing or replacement of the flywheel.

The flywheel must have a perfectly flat surface, free of heat cracks or hard spots that can develop over time, or the new clutch disc may slip or fail prematurely. While it's not always mandatory, replacement of the clutch master and slave cylinders during service of the clutch assembly is another option that greatly increases the likelihood you will have smooth, trouble free clutch performance for a long time to come.
There are however many occasions when clutch replacement may not be necessary. Clutch hydraulics are usually fairly simple and cheap in comparison to other auto repairs and can often be the cause of a malfunctioning clutch system. If you live in Pueblo or another part of southern colorado and are unsure exactly what is causing your vehicle to slip, grind, leak or just plain fail to go, come see me and I'll diagnose the issue and provide you with an accurate outline of the repairs necessary to return your vehicle to service. The initial inspection is free and it usually doesn't take long to pinpoint the problem.

If your vehicle won't move in order to bring it to me I may be able to arrange to come inspect it on site. There is however a fee for this so it's better for you if you can bring the vehicle to me. Either way, I'll do my best to get you rolling again as quickly and painlessly as possible. As an option, ask about a Premium complete clutch system package which includes a new disk, pressure plate, release bearing, rear main seal, slave and master cylinder and comes with a 5 year warranty on labor and a lifetime warranty on most parts.