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Check engine light

All Pro of Pueblo offers OEM level check engine, driveability and computer diagnostic services.

Modern automotive computer systems are extremely complicated and delicately calibrated to the extreme. Something as simple as a loose gas cap can trigger a check engine or service engine soon light. Everything from the fuel injectors to the cooling fans is controlled by an onboard module and even many current dash displays receive their information from one or more electronic modules.

While retrieving much of this diagnostic information has been simplified in recent years, thanks to the advent of OBDII diagnostics and a common diagnostic connector that can be read with inexpensive code readers that are widely available, it's usually not sufficient information to positively find fault with any particular component without further testing. In many cases you can cure the problem by throwing parts at the area or system indicated by the code reader, but more times than not this may not resolve your check engine light problem and ends up being more expensive than simply paying to correctly test, diagnose and replace the actual component at fault.
Powertrain control module
Electronic modules, similar to this one, control most engine management functions. They also store the fault information, or "codes", when something goes wrong.
These modules do fail occasionally. Most problems however are a result of a faulty sensor, switch, harness wiring, bad connection or circuit protection device.
At All Pro we use advanced diagnostic tools similar to the one shown below to read code information, run sensor or other diagnostic tests and perform maintenance functions like resetting service reminders.
OTC scan tool
There is no hard fast rule to determine how much diagnostic time it should take to track down system failures. While one car with an engine code might take only five minutes to find the issue and correct the problem, another car with the exact same code could take two hours. Generally, I charge a minimum one hour fee on computer diagnostic reading and testing. More often than not, I can find and repair the issue within that timeframe.

If your vehicle has a more complicated issue that needs more time, I will always notify you of this and allow you to make a determination regarding any further diagnostic time. As a customer however, you should be aware that if you bring me your vehicle to replace a particular part because a part store read the code and sold you a part that doesn't fix the problem, I can't be responsible for the faulty diagnosis but will happily diagnose the true problem provided you understand I must be compensated for this time. In any case, I will endeavor to assist you in returning your vehicle to normal service.
Throttle position sensor
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