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Pueblo Colorado cooling system service and repair
Your vehicles cooling system is an important part of a very complex system and when any part of the system fails it can spell serious problems and lead to costly repairs if the faulty component is overlooked or ignored. At All Pro auto repair my number one priority is preventing that from happening with a solid maintenance plan, but if part of your cooling system has already begun to fail I will get your vehicle repaired properly and back on the road as quickly as possible.
While all cooling systems are crucial, modern engines are even more dependent on them and require a precise calibration of the cooling system to function properly. The cooling system in your vehicle does far more than simply conduct heat away. It also tells the computer when and how to make adjustments to air, fuel and timing, provides a source of energy for the climate controls inside the vehicle, keeps the engine operating at a specific temperature so it continues to run efficiently and since the radiator is a part of the cooling system it is also involved in cooling the engine and transmission oil in many vehicles. Many times it is also plays a role in determining when specific sensors and switches turn on or off to further assist the computer controls. Since the cooling system is so important, it's equally important that it receive proper maintenance and repair when necessary. The cooling system mainly consists of a radiator, thermostat, radiator and heater hoses, water pump, heater core, cooling fan and sensors.
I have the correct training, tools and experience to service the cooling systems of most import and domestic vehicles regardless of whether it's a maintenance or repair issue and keep your vehicle on the road in any season.
If you need a professional, reliable and experienced technician to service your cooling system, or any other system on your car or truck, look no further. Leaks, failure of pump bearings, stuck thermostats, faulty sensors and switches, cooling fan functions and general chemical health of the cooling system are all within the scope of services I can provide you with including both the diagnosis and any repairs that may be necessary. If you are in doubt about your cooling system I highly recommend you have myself or another reputable shop take a look. The sooner, the better.

All too often I see major engine failures that could easily have been avoided with a simple inspection and the replacement of a ten dollar part. Of course, not every situation is the same, nor is every issue inexpensive to correct, but in all cases it's much cheaper in the long run to find and fix the problem now rather than waiting too long and having to fix a much larger problem later.

Sometimes a simple five minute pressure and chemical content test can tell you everything you need to know in order to save yourself from major headaches later so do yourself a favor and call or email me today to arrange an appointment and I'll work with you to minimize the chances of a surprise failure down the road.

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