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Axle and CV shaft header
Pueblo All Pro auto repair CV and Axle shaft repair and service
CV shaft
Constant velocity or CV shafts are fairly uncomplicated but there are many ways for an axle shaft to fail. Aside from the obvious failures that occur to the boots and joints, most shafts are also equipped with an ABS ring to assist brake management and traction control.

There are also usually splines or bolts at each end of the axle that can fail. If the ABS ring or the CV joint located inside the rubber boots on each end of the shaft fails, the shaft or the joint must be replaced.

If the ABS ring or the CV joint located inside the rubber boots on each end of the shaft fails, the shaft or the joint must be replaced. The main cause of joint failure is without a doubt related to torn protective boots. Boots that are replaced along with cleaning and re-greasing the joints, soon after cracks appear in the rubber, often last indefinitely. Split boots that are ignored, generally result in very prompt failure from loss of lubricating grease and the introduction of road grit into the joint.

ABS ring damage from road hazards is not uncommon either and will sometimes lead to ABS light codes related to the wheel sensors. Replacement of the shaft assembly requires disconnecting the outer steering and suspension components but does not usually require an alignment afterwards. Also, rarely, axle shafts can be broken.

There are a few other components that you may wish to have replaced any time you install a new shaft assembly. Axle shaft seals, outer tie rod ends, ball joints and wheel bearings/hubs are all items that may be worn and in need of replacement in which case this is a good time to do those items, because much or part of the procedure may already be included while replacing a CV shaft.

You can ask about including any front end component as part of the job if you know you are in need of replacing one or more related parts. As a matter of course, I generally check most of these components at this time anyway, and will let you know if I find a component I feel is in need of replacement.

One telltale sign of existing or impending CV failure is a heavy presence of grease that has been flung on the surrounding components. When this condition is visible and obvious, immediate attention by a qualified auto repair mechanic or shop is needed.

If you are unsure whether or not your vehicle, whether it's a car, truck or van, is in need of axle shaft replacement, All Pro of Pueblo will inspect and diagnose your CV shafts for free and if needed, provide you with an estimate on any recommended repairs.

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