I also service wheel bearings. Regardless of the type of wheel bearing I offering professional replacement or service for all automotive wheel bearing types.

Whether it's a sealed hub style wheelbearing or a bearing and race assembly I can diagnose, inspect, replace, press or clean and repack the bearing as well as inspecting the axle or spindle surface for pits or scarring, and replacement of those items if necessary.

If you have an unusual noise coming from the wheel well area that gets worse with an increase in road speed or after extended driving, then there's a good chance it's a wheel bearing.

Fixing it sooner rather than later is a wise idea to avoid damaging the axle or spindle further if the wheel bearing has frozen or spun the race.

Call our Pueblo number at 719-406-9255 or send an email to contact@puebloallpro.com

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Differential header
Differential, axle and wheel bearing services
Rear differential axle housing

All Pro automotive offers only limited differential services, but services most general axle and wheel bearing components including front and rear wheel bearings and wheel bearing seals. Differential and axle service can be particularly specialized, similar to transmission services, which are often not performed by general repair facilities due to it's specialized nature. There are some areas of axle service I do perform however including complete axle swaps.

I will gladly remove and replace any complete axle assembly if you are in need of a new hub to hub setup, regardless of whether the replacement is new or used. In some cases I may even be able to go pull a used one for you from the salvage yard, for a reasonable fee plus the cost of the part. I can replace many differential carrier components in cases where the entire carrier does not require removal from the housing, or in cases where an axle housing spreader is not required to reinstall the carrier after service.

Complete axle assembly

Every potential repair will need to be handled on a case by case basic, no pun intended, due to the great differences in design between makes and models.

In most cases though, I can provide repair and service for the outer axle shaft bearings and seals, the complete replacement of the axle assembly and replacement of damaged axle shafts. In some cases I can change out the clutch packs in limited slip differential carriers as well as install new carrier side bearings depending on the case design.

In all cases I can provide axle maintenance services to you including cleaning the interior housing, changing fluid and resealing the cover. If you're looking to change out an axle assembly with a used one, keep in mind that the ratio of the replacement part must be the same as the ratio of the one it's replacing. Simply being pulled from the same year, make and model is no guarantee that the ratios are the same.

In any case where I am unable to provide the full measure of service required by your vehicle, further repairs will be referred to Prigmore's on Pueblo's southside.

They have been providing differential services to the Pueblo area for many, many years and are as trustworthy as they are reputable. If you are in need of repair or service, please contact me for an appointment or estimate.

Wheel bearings