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I've been installing car audio and mobile electronics for over 19 years including car stereos, custom speaker enclosures, amplifiers, video, navigation, custom horns and communications.

Whether you need the BOOM, just want clean sound that's an improvement over your stock system, or are in need of replacing a dead component, or if you have another mobile electronics installation you need done, with a few exceptions those are usually things I can take care of for you as well.

I am not an audio or mobile electronics installation facility, so if you have a very complex job requiring a complete rework of your existing system due to complicated factory amplifiers, proprietary components or dual DIN head units, I recommend calling Al's creative auto sound on Northern Ave.

If however you have a pretty standard configuration, need a standard deck, new amp, speakers, cameras or video player installed, then that is something I can usually handle without much problem.

However, I don't sell electronics. Installations only.

Subwoofer enclosure

More than just auto repair, I also do some accessory electronics installations.