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What is your labor rate?
The rate for auto repair is $45.00 per labor guide hour.

What makes and models do you work on?
I work on most import and domestic cars and trucks regardless of year, make or model.
Some repairs on diesel vehicles may require you to visit a specialized diesel shop but that is
rarely the case.

What kinds of auto repair services do you perform?
I can handle most any repair, maintenance or diagnostic service you require with a few
exceptions. I don't do any of the following. Rebuild transmissions, mount, dismount
or balance tires, perform any kind of welding, charge A/C systems, perform
alignments or do cosmetic body and paint work. I am also no longer doing full engine
rebuilds, as we no longer have a engine or cylinder head machine shop in the Pueblo area.

Are you licensed to perform automotive repairs?
Yes, as a graduate of Wyoming technical institute I am a certified automotive repair tech.
I also have more than twenty years experience repairing all makes and models and have
received a good deal of additional training and have attended specialized training clinics.

What are your business hours?
All services are by appointment only. I don't generally do emergency service calls or
"walk in" type repairs. I do occasionally make exceptions for repeat or regular customers.
If you need repairs or other services, please call or email to discuss your needs and to make
an appointment. Often times I can schedule your service after hours or during the
weekend so it won't interfere with your schedule, however, some repairs take longer
than others so if it's a major service you must make other transportation arrangements.

How much will my repairs cost?
That's not always easily answered without investing some diagnostic time, however, in most
cases I will provide you with an accurate estimate of the necessary parts and labor. If there
are ever unexpected conditions or more extensive repairs are needed, I will always discuss
your options with you prior to performing any additonal work.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?
There are many variables to consider in determining how long it will take to repair your vehicle.
Once I see the vehicle and discuss repair options with you, I can give you a better idea of
repair time.

Can I supply my own parts?
Yes, however, if the part fails the labor will not be warranted and you will need to pay
to have the failed part replaced. Also, if you supply your own parts and we discover
you have purchased the wrong parts after half the job is done, you will either need to
get the correct parts at that time or if necessary and possible, pay an additional fee
to have it put back together until such time as you are able to get the correct parts, or,
allow us at that time to procure the correct parts and you handle the return of your parts
that were not correct and could not be used. In almost all cases it's better to allow me
to provide the parts through one of my suppliers as any fault is then my suppliers,
not yours, plus, I can pass on my price on the part to you.

Where are you located?
We are located in Pueblo Colorado on the south side of town, one block from St. Mary Corwin Hospital.

If you have other questions not answered here, please feel free to email me with them and
I will be glad to answer any questions or discuss your concerns with you.


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