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Automotive fuel system diagnosis, repair and performance services

All Pro automotive of Pueblo provides fuel system service and repair for most import and domestic cars and light trucks. I offer complete fuel system service including injector cleaning, filter and pump replacement, pressure testing and system wide diagnosis.

Whether you have a need for scheduled maintenance or are having a driveability issue that requires troubleshooting and repair, I can take care of your car or truck by restoring proper fuel system operation. I also install performance fuel system components including throttle bodies, injectors, cold air intake systems, mass air flow sensors and custom fuel pressure regulators.

I do not currently perform custom tune programming or flashing and recommend visiting a dedicated performance tuning shop for those kinds of modifications. I do provide fuel system related code reading, resetting and service however.

Since Pueblo currently has no emission inspection requirements, there are a broad spectrum of perfomance modifications that can be done to increase your vehicles overall speed and performance.

If you have questions or would like an estimate for service on your carbureted or fuel injected gas vehicle, please contact me with your information and I'll be happy to assist you in your maintenance, repair or performance endeavor.

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