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Gaskets and seals

Auto repair shops devote a substantial amount of time to the replacement of gaskets and seals. Leaks are the number one complaint by most car and truck owners. Aside from the fact that nobody wants it on their driveway or garage floor, it's also an indicator that you're losing one or more of your fluid lubricants such as engine, transmission, power steering or gear oil.

This is a bad thing, lose enough fluid and you will have a component failure. All Pro of Pueblo can precisely diagnose the location of your leak and provide you with an exact estimate of what it's going to take to correct the problem.

Some leaks can be almost impossible to pinpoint due to fluid running all over, being blown around or multiple leaks happening all at once. Valve covers and rear main seals can be especially difficult to diagnose. Fortunately there are methods to eliminate the mess of old oil and see only where the fresh oil is coming from using special dyes and detection lights. Most passenger vehicle leaks can be repaired relatively quickly while some may require extensive labor hours. Rear main seals which require removal of either the engine or transmission are a good example of this.

Quite often, just changing a valve cover gasket involves removal of the intake manifold and all related components. If you are in doubt regarding your ability to perform the necessary repairs, it might be a good idea to leave it to a professional. If you bring me a "basket case" somebody tried and failed to fix, it will cost more than if you had brought it to me first. This is true for all shops. We don't want to try and puzzle out what somebody already tore apart. Save yourself some time, money and stress, see a professional the first time.

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Whatever you do, get the problem fixed by making an appointment with me or another mechanic you know and trust to do the job right. A leak that might cost $50.00 to fix can quickly turn into a $2000.00 or more repair if you put it off. A leak is your car or truck's way of telling you it needs attention. Don't ignore it.

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