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Ignition system service
Ignition systems are a common source of problems when it comes to engine performance and driveability.

No start conditions, check engine lights, misfires, high tailpipe emissions, backfiring, plugged catalytic converters and either rough or no-idle conditions can all be a result of problems with the ignition system.

Older systems with distributors, spark plug wires, distributor caps and rotors are often pretty straight forward, but newer systems that lack control modules, opting instead to allow the computer to control spark ignition and timing can be painfully difficult for the weekend mechanic or average driver to sort out.
With the advent of coil on plug systems that utilize a single coil per two cylinders, or in most cases on more recent engines, a coil for each cylinder, it can become seriously costly to try and simply throw parts at an ignition problem hoping to find the problem.

Computer controls, wiring harness connector and coil boots can further complicate things and if you are unlucky enough to not throw a definite engine code it can be a real nightmare.

Fortunately I have pretty extensive experience in diagnosing these kinds of ignition system failures and can offer everything from individual coil and coil boot testing to pinout testing on the computer control module.

Usually these problems are not the result of harness wiring that has weathered and broken, but harness wires and connectors can and do fail so it's a much more involved process if that becomes the case, but these too can be found and corrected.
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Whatever the issue, rest assured it is something I can definitely find and repair in 99% of cases but there are occasionally problems with the computer that require replacement and in some of those cases, those replacements may be difficult to find if it is a relatively older vehicle. Usually, though, it's not a problem.

I also install performance or aftermarket ignition system components such as Mallory ignition controllers or custom made distributors for older pre-electronic ignition system engines that were not as efficient as more modern types. There are upgrades and modifications I don't do, but if you have an idea then contact me to discuss it, because it might be something I do regularly or am willing to work with you on.