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Leak detection services
Here's another case where on the surface it would seem to be an extremely simple auto repair procedure, requiring little in the way of explanation. Leak detection is exactly what it sounds like. Except when it's not! Simple that is. Some leaks are really tough to pinpoint and that's when special equipment is needed. Special dye used in conjunction with automotive leak detection lights that cause the dye to shine brightly allow technicians to see only the most recent oil leakage. There are also other systems used for detection like smoke and chemical sniffers, but this is the most commonly used method when visual diagnosis is not possible.
Leak detection systems can be used on almost any automotive system using a liquid or gas component such as engine oil, transmission fluid or even refrigerants like freon or R134a. Since each type of system requires a special dye that is compatible with the lubricant it is safe and will cause no damage to delicate mechanical systems or seals. The materials needed for this type of testing do have some monetary value attached so when this form of testing becomes necessary be prepared to pay for the extra supplies. Some leaks are still difficult to pinpoint but with many available detection options I have yet to fail in the effort to chase down a leak and get it repaired.
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Oil leak detection using black light