Noise and vibration troubleshooting
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Auto repairs involving abnormal noises or vibrations can be inherently difficult to locate and correct. Whether they occur only at certain speeds, only under acceleration, while cruising, during deceleration or are intermittent with no definite pattern, it can drive car and truck owners crazy trying to diagnose.

Most sounds and vibrations will get increasingly worse until it can no longer be ignored or a failure occurs. That popping noise you've been hearing from the front end, mainly when going around corners, is probably a bad CV joint and while it's only a nuisance now it can quickly become a very expensive repair or even cause a significant accident.

Sometimes a thorough visual inspection will present the source of the complaint but often enough pinpointing the cause ends up being an involved process that is beyond the scope of the home or neighborhood mechanic. When that happens and you're ready for the problem to just be over with, I can apply my 20 years of experience along with the right automotive specialty tools to narrow down the area of origin.

Some noises will be particularly troublesome and may require extensive investigation but that is certainly the exception and not the rule. Most issues can and should be quickly found and fixed. New noises occur for a reason and most automobile owners will notice the difference.

Anything out of the ordinary should be addressed right away before a small problem turns into something much worse. If it doesn't sound right, it probably isn't. In order to assist me in diagnosing your particular problem it's helpful if you can try to determine when the problem or noise usually occurs and what, if anything, causes it to stop. Any details you can provide about the nature of the noise, rattle or vibration can only make it easier for me to eliminate it for you.

My best advise is this, if your car begins making noises that are not normal to you or if it sounds unusual, it is always in your best interest to have it checked out by myself or another reputable mechanic.

That sound you hear might be nothing or something very simple, but if it turns out to be more serious, you'll be very glad to have caught the problem as early as possible. Unfortunately, by the time most noises become noticeable, the part that is failing has likely been doing so for some time and probably is in need of replacement. Early diagnosis and repair are still the best way to decrease the chances of the failure becoming a larger issue.

Hopefully your problem is just a rattle due to a broken body bolt, a brake caliber full of brake dust or loose heat shield, resulting in a quick and easy fix. In the event you are in fact in need of an auto repair procedure we can still correct the problem and minimize the impending failure. Plus, the sooner you fix the problem the less money it's likely to cost you and I know that's always a good thing.

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