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Hydraulic shop press services

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Ok, this is pretty basic. If you live in Pueblo and you need something pressed, come see me. I can press nearly any component on, off, in or out, for less than you'll pay at most service facilities or machine shops. More importantly, when it comes to performing a repair that requires a component like a wheel bearing or hub to be pressed, I don't need to send parts out and wait. I have the necessary equiptment to complete the job as quickly as possible.

Services I can provide either as part of a repair or as a walk in service include pressing of U-joints, wheel bearings, bushings, general bearing pressing, stuck or rusted parts, bending and straightening of stock steel or brackets, differential carrier bearings, brake drum bearing races, ball joints in removed control arms and much more.

If you're in need of hydraulic pressing or another shop service, feel free to contact me with questions or to arrange an appointment for the repair or service you require. Don't waste time beating on parts for hours or spend money better saved for other things, call or email me today and let's get your project completed asap.

Pressing wheel bearing
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