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Timing belts, component kits and timing chain replacement!

On many engines the timing belt or chain may be the single most critical component there is if a failure happens to occur, because a broken one can spell instant death for any interference engine design.

Usually, these need to be replaced at specific intervals, as a standard preventative maintenance precaution to avoid any such damage. For some engines that might be at 30,000 miles, for others it may 60,000, while still others in cases where they have a chain and are not interference designs there may be no specific interval and are only changed when there are indications of a problem.

Whatever the case, be it maintenance or a failure that has occured already, there will likely come a time when you are faced with the need to address an issue with the timing components on your vehicle.

Often these components will come in a kit that also includes other parts, such as pulleys, tensioners, seals or a water pump, all of which might be critical to the new part having a long life.

Usually these are not repairs recommended to be undertaken by those without the necessary training, resource materials and special tools required to do the job correctly. Many engines require special tools for the alignment of these timing components, which can be an extremely critical and painstaking process resulting in catastrophic damage if off by even a small amount.

Admittedly, there are even some vehicles which I do not have the required tools or resource material to undertake such a repair on, since many of these vehicles require unique factory tools that are used ONLY on that specific engine which makes it difficult to have the tools for every engine out there.

Generally speaking, that is not the case, and for 90% of timing belt or chain replacement procedures I will have the tools, training and resource materials to do the job, and do it properly. If I don't, I'll tell you up front or in some cases may indicate to you that I can do the job but there will be an added delay due to the need to obtain a specific tool.

In very rare cases I may refer you to another facility known to be exerienced with that specific engine and procedure.

In some cases I may recommend the replacement of other components that are normally very hard and time consuming to get to, but which are either easy to get to or are required to be removed during the replacement of the timing component anyhow.

That can save you money and time down the road, and perhaps save you from further costly repairs later on.

In any case, I am happy to discuss options with you which are related to the process ahead of time so you have a clear picture of what to expect in terms of your cost and the amount of time I will need your vehicle for.

Ocasionally I will find something that needs attention along the way, especially if there has been damage to valves or pistons, such as in the case of a broken belt on an interference engine design. Either way, rest assured that I will work with you to ensure all your options are easily understood and you have a good idea of what to expect from beginning to end.